Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is it Gardening Time Yet?

Sometimes I feel like a little kid asking "are we there yet?" - except I want to get out and plant my herbs and flowers! With this unseasonably warm weather here I am feeling the need for plants again. This last weekend was spent haunting nurseries and dreaming about what I might grow this year.

I can't wait to try berries of some variety, and will probably select Red Raspberries since not only are the fruits wonderful, the leaves are quite useful as well. They are especially prized for women, but can assist everyone with stress and nervous tension. Just watch the dosage and do not consume early in pregnancy.

My sweet gardenia is putting out leaves again - I thought I had lost her early last fall when I was away for a few days during a heat wave. I came home and her poor leaves were all withered and crisp. Fortunately, careful watering and encouragement have helped her regain some vitality. It seems the women in my family have a soft spot for gardenias - they were my grandmothers favorite flower and we always picked up a gardenia corsage for her on special occasions. My mother also loves gardenias, and now I have one that I am tending. While I enjoy the delicate, waxy flowers and gentle fragrance it is the connection with my family that brings me the most satisfaction from this quiet plant.

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