Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Changing Seasons

The wind is picking up, the sky is shades of grey, and the temperature has dropped dramatically since yesterday's clear blue skies.

We are supposed be getting the edge of an Alaskan cold front for the next few days and it is helping me get in the mood for Halloween. Samhain, if you prefer. All Hallows Eve. Followed by All Hallows (All Saints) and All Souls days. Dias de los Muertos.

In other words, the veil between the worlds is thinning at this time and we are preparing for visits from friends and loved ones who have passed on. It isn't that they can't visit or send messages to us at any time, but this time of year is especially potent for celebrating and communicating with them. In many cultures the dead are welcomed with feasts of their favorite foods, special lanterns set out to guide their way and make their path easier, and elaborate displays of photographs and mementos. Think of it as a giant family reunion if thinking about dead people scares you.

I look forward to the shifting energies of this season. The welcoming of those from the other side for a time of reunion, checking in and sharing messages. The turning inward to celebrate and give thanks for all of our blessings, whether we are happy about them or not. The further turning inward to experience the fallow season as we rest and prepare for the return of spring and the blossoming of seeds that have been planted and rested in this quiet time.

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Suzie Ridler said...

I love this time of year and the hope that we may hear from our friends on the other side. You are right though, there is also a darkness that comes that is chilling. It's why people use jack-o-lanterns, to keep the darkness away. I am glad that you did not participate in anything that goes against your will and principles, that is no way to treat anybody. Love and free will are the way, anything else is abusive.

Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one sensing something in the air. It makes me want to stay at home, drink tea and be a hermit for a while. Which I will have to do anyway as soon as the snow falls!

Blessings to you!