Friday, June 19, 2009

Rippled Baby Blanket

The wind caresses my face, cool and gentle. I look up to watch the clouds burn away in the face of the mid-morning sun, grateful for the soft touch of it's rays through the window. I am sitting with a ball of yarn idle in my hands, thinking for the moment about what it will become. It is a fluffy, bulky mass of pale green and blue baby yarn and I am looking for something simple. A treat to play with, but not so involved that my focus is absorbed in remembering the pattern from moment to moment. Being baby yarn, I am thinking about a simple, small traveling blanket - one sized for a car seat. Ripples, to go with the watery colors. So I pick up a large sized hook and begin my chain. Simple rhythm takes over and I am lost in soft seas that undulate gently around me, dreaming of a future and a past. The simple ties of yarn and hook that travel the generations from my grandmothers to me, and perhaps, if I manage to teach someone else the joys of yarn and hook, a future generation. Perhaps I am crafting an heirloom that someone will save from the time when their baby was young to share with a grandchild later on. Perhaps not. But what I am crafting is peace.

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