Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Visitor

I am finally realizing how much I have let slide in my home and for how long. It can be a bit discouraging, really, when I step back and look at what I have neglected and what it means that I have to do to "fix" it.

Today my mother is coming to my house to brainstorm with me. I still have a ton of basic clean up to do (just letting her come over today is difficult, since I don't want anyone to see the state of things...) but we are hoping that getting some ideas down of where I want the house to go in terms of decor will help me stay motivated through the tough parts. She has also developed a fascination with Feng Shui, and it seems to help her not only stay motivated with the picking up (not that she really had a problem with that to begin with) but also helps her to see the positive things that happen more easily.

I just hope that she can help me to see through the boxes that have been on my floor for months while I have been too depressed (and too overwhelmed by the mess!) to take care of putting them away.

One of the things I am hoping that she can help me with is creative storage ideas. Our house came with a lot of things, but storage space wasn't one of them. I keep running into this as I work on picking up and putting things away. There is a reason I haven't kept up with it so well - there doesn't seem to be anywhere to put it! So the boxes stay on my living room and kitchen floors, the computer stuff proliferates across the guest bed in the office, on top of the crochet projects that I finally have a place to store but now can't seem to get to. I'm guessing that I'll be looking for some large baskets and other dual-purpose furniture as I go along to help with the storage stuff. Not to mention even more decluttering!


Jeanie Campbell said...

Say hi to your mom for me! The website is wonderful to help with decluttering and getting your house in tip-top shape. Good luck!!

~Molly~ said...

What a lovely blog! I totally understand your frustration, I have them too. It is amazing what keeping up with 3 kids, 4 dogs, 7 cats, and 8 guinea pigs can do to a home. The kids are on vacation with their grandparents so I have a lot of time to right some wrongs but it looks like a mountain instead of a mole hill. Sigh. Courage to go onward!!!


ps, I found you through your comment at resurrection fern.