Friday, February 13, 2009

Of Rainbows and First Steps

I just know that there is a rainbow lurking somewhere. Standing on the porch with the sun pouring in dazzlingly bright ribbons through a couple of holes in the dark clouds after a passing rain shower I know that if I were in the right spot I would be able to see a brilliant rainbow. Perhaps to someone else, I am just underneath it, wrapped in the arching embrace of God's promises to humankind.

I like to think so. I can only imagine that being held in the beauty of a rainbow when things are tough is as wonderful as being held in a loving mother's arms when you fell and hurt yourself as a child and she picked you up and made your world right again. So why do we resist so much when God wants to make our worlds right again for us? Is it because we are afraid of the change that might be involved?

Sitting under the branches of the wild oaks and listening to the wind whisper to me about God's plans for me is sort of a hobby with me. Unfortunately, I have a hard time trusting in the truth of what I hear and I struggle against it much of the time. But then I give in, take a step in the direction I am shown, and it feels so good, so right. I know I am not the only one who does this. All around me are people who are in the midst of the same struggle. Some have gone so far as to silence the whispers with addictions, others just stay busy so that they can put off the time when they take their first baby steps.

So I stop looking for the rainbow somewhere else and let it embrace me now. Things are good.

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