Friday, September 25, 2009

A Visit from Ms. CrankyPants

Somewhere between blissfully nourishing my plants this morning as the sun rose and checking the water level in the humidifier as the heat outside increased Ms. CrankyPants moved in. I didn't see her coming until she embraced me with her whining and sense of utter frustration. Nothing sounds interesting, I don't want to do that, or that, or that... or go out, it's too hot to do that, I don't want to eat that (never mind that eating anything at this point might make her go away). I am left with a vague sense of irritability and a general feeling that a childish temper tantrum is imminent along with dissatisfaction with life as a whole that makes me quite unpleasant company, even for myself. So I am going to take Ms. CrankyPants on a field trip. Drag her out of the house, put her in the (admittedly hot) car, and go somewhere. Perhaps I will treat her to a Caffeine Free Diet Soda and distract her while I try to lose her out there in the world. I certainly don't like her here in my house! Of course, that may be because with her here the walls feel as if they are closing in on me and I just have to escape even if I don't really want to go out into the heat and unpleasantness of the weather today (one of her excuses for being cranky is the heat...).


Jhona O. said...

I do hope that she is left where you're hoping:) I don't like when she comes to visit me either. I enjoyed your humor. My daughter likes your tea pot picture and wanted me to tell you. Have a wonderful afternoon!

Angela said...

I, personally, just sent Ms. CrankyPants out my front door, tossing her used up tissues, headache and coughing alongside her. Good riddance, I say. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't do the heat face turns super duper red, not sunburned, just red, after a short walk. I'm hoping we'll get AC one day because fans don't cut it for me. For the sake of my children I brave the heat to get out and about some days. Sometimes we do eat up somewhere where it's cooler. Hope the weekend will be cooler and Ms. Crankypants will take a vacation.

One More Equals Four said...

I definitely think the diet soda will work, especially if it is paird with a little chocolate. However, I think that method of self medicating is why I desperately need to lose 15-20 pounds right now!

Seriously, hope things got better! Ms. Crankpants has been hanging out a lot here lately too and she is just no fun!

mholgate said...

Oh! I do hope you lost her, wherever you went. She does drop in unexpectedly, doesn't she?

Have a good week!

Rachel Anne said...

Sounds like Mrs. Crankypants gets around! I know her visit to me this afternoon didn't help my spirits any. Great reminder to send her packing!!

Love the cottage picture in your header...would love to get lost there, with a cup of tea or course!