Friday, May 21, 2010

Quickie Updates

No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet. I've been keeping myself busy - or should I say my mom has been keeping me busy - these past few days helping me to clear the clutter I had surrounded myself with. Two more rooms to go, but those are going to be difficult. We are planning on switching our current "office" and guest bedroom locations so that I can finally have a desk in the office in a room that isn't likely to a)trigger migraines with heat and glare and b)is a favorite room of mine to begin with! Our guest room is less frequently used, so it makes sense to change it out with a room that we can close off if we need to.

All of this sorting and separating, moving around, rearranging, and purging has taken time. But oh! the cottage is feeling so much better that it has in a very long time. Last summer we did some organizing, but I was in a place of endings and trauma and so my ability to purge what needed purging was certainly not at it's sharpest - I held on to all kinds of things and moved things around in a way to close off a lot of space. This time things are finding homes where I look around and think "ah... space and openness!" which is rather like breathing a sigh of relief.

This has kept me from much blogging as I have been taking my rest time to work on some doilies - yep, I'm making lace again! I hope to have a few new pieces blocked and pictures taken so I can post them soon. At one point I swore off of lace because of the fineness of the thread, but now am finding that the challenge of the small thread combined with the complexity of the patterns is really stimulating my brain. I guess it is a crossword and word search for the fiber minded!


kimberly shaw said...

YOU make doilies?!!! Awesome!!! Hardly anyone makes them by hand anymore, I bet yours are amazing and I'm anxious to see them. I know what you mean about good for the brain, I feel like that when I paint the negative space in a doily, but my fingers don't agree after the long hours of tightly holding my smallest brush. How are your fingers doing?

kimberly shaw said...

I'm back, it must feel so wonderful organizing and rearranging so life is easier. I was once given a book titled, this is funny, "Clutters Last Stand" which was very helpful in motivating me to de-cutter when the kids were little. I think I need to read it again.

Anyway, pop on over and check out my new recipe cards and a chance to win some. Here's crossing my fingers for you. Say "Hello" to you mom for me.

Hugs, KIM